Babraham Institute receives BBSRC grant to study effects of ageing on immune system

April 14, 2017

Professor Chris Smith of the University of Cambridge, another member of the team, adds "It is because these intermediate processes regulate how messages from genes are delivered that cells around the body are able to accomplish very different roles despite containing the same set of genes. We think one of these processes plays a particularly important role in controlling the behaviour of lymphocytes as an animal ages and yet, despite its importance, we know comparatively little about it."

Professor Douglas Kell, Chief Executive of BBSRC, said "Maintaining and improving the health of older people so that they can continue to live enjoyable and productive lives into their eighties and beyond is a major challenge facing society. Victories in public health and nutrition continue to increase life span around the world dramatically, yet the lives of many older people are blighted by disability and disease.

"Combating the problems associated with old age will require an understanding at the most fundamental level of how our bodies change as we age. This team is well placed to deepen our understanding of how ageing affects our immune system and thus to provide knowledge that will be crucial for bioscience to help people live longer and healthier lives."

Source: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

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