Cleveland Clinic scientists named AAAS Fellows

July 25, 2017

Efforts have benefited Alzheimer's, cancer patientsShe has played a key role in several major health initiatives, including:???TechWorld: A partnership that includes MEOC and local public schools, the program uses student volunteers from area high schools to teach computer skills to caregivers for patients with Alzheimer's and other conditions. The program helps caregivers, many of whom provide around-the-clock care, to access health information and other resources, such as support groups.???Mountain Laurel Cancer Support and Resource Center: Through a partnership with MEOC, the center helps residents access online information about cancer and cancer treatments and also provides gas cards and food to patients who travel to receive cancer treatment. Duesing helped secure a grant for a touch screen computer and printer to provide cancer information updated monthly. ??? Healthy Appalachia Institute: Duesing is a faculty member at the institute, charged with helping leaders of health projects access information to help them in their work.

"She has touched an endless number of people and her influence continues to be far-reaching and substantial," Maxwell wrote in her letter nominating Duesing for the award.

Source: University of Virginia

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