Mazor Robotics to purchase Renaissance system for spine surgeries

May 30, 2017

The Renaissance system consists of a robotic device that mounts above a patient's spine, as well as a workstation running advanced surgical planning software. The system has been clinically proven to increase the accuracy of spinal implants and significantly lower rates of misplaced screws and the resulting neurological deficits. Investigators of a recent 14-site international multicenter study published in Spine concluded that Mazor Robotics' technology "offers enhanced performance in spinal surgery when compared to freehand surgeries, by increasing placement accuracy and reducing neurologic risks." For patients, this translates to fewer complications and revisions. The minimally invasive technique contributes to a faster recovery, with less pain and scarring. Additionally, the use of Renaissance minimizes radiation exposure for the patient, surgeon and entire operating room team while in surgery.

Source: Mazor

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