Preventing HPV infection could slow HIV epidemic, say researchers

March 06, 2017

"Even when we controlled for circumcision status, herpes and other sexual and sociodemographic risk factors, men infected with HPV at the first study visit were at greater risk for HIV infection than men without HPV," Smith said. "If our findings are confirmed in other studies, then HPV prevention could become an effective tool for HIV prevention."

Carcinogenic types of HPV are the leading cause of cervical cancer, both globally and in the United States. HPV vaccination is routinely recommended for females aged 11 to 12, by agencies including the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute. Cervical cancer screening is still necessary for women following vaccination.

HPV infects both young females and males. The quadrivalent HPV vaccine is also approved in the U.S. for young men. HPV can cause other diseases, including genital warts and other cancers.

SOURCE Journal of Infectious Diseases

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