Protecting displaced women and children from gender-based violence

June 27, 2017

???Start improving your diet. Replacing the refined, processed, packaged and fast foods in your current diet with fresh natural foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish and meat will dramatically increase your health and improve your body composition without dieting or counting calories. Have fruit for breakfast, start packing your lunch, eat out less and concentrate on making simple meals at home with fresh natural foods. Drink more water instead of soda or sports drinks. Avoid all artificial "fake" foods and stay as close as possible to foods delivered by Mother Nature.

???Get a good night's sleep. We need deep, quality sleep for peak energy levels and to be optimally healthy. Set regular sleep hours and keep them whenever possible. It is during sleep that we "recharge our batteries." Avoid caffeine, alcohol or stimulating TV or activities before your scheduled sleep time. Keep your room dark, cool and quiet.

???Practice regular stress reduction techniques. In today's world, we experience chronic stress that was unknown to our ancestors. Modern stressors are continually activating our "fight or flight" survival mechanism. and this is very detrimental to our health. Meditation can be very helpful. However, consistently practicing short relaxation exercises during your day is often even better, because they provide regular feedback and can help you to recognize and break stress patterns. These mini-relaxation sessions will reset your nervous system and do wonders for your health and feelings of well-being.

Source: TurboCharged

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