Substance-related health problems during rave parties: Study

July 31, 2017

"The investment of time and resources into condition-based maintenance has been very important to RTI," said Chuck Ratliff, RTI director of facilities. "Because of the intricacy of our processes and the importance of protecting donor tissue it is critical that our equipment be reliable and accurate."

"We are very proud of our facilities team for achieving such high standards in equipment maintenance," said Thomas F. Rose, RTI executive vice president and chief operations officer. "Our facility is unlike most others, in that our technicians are preparing human donated tissue for transplantation for recipients around the country. Most companies cannot afford the disruption in work flow that equipment failures bring, but when your company is the crucial step between tissue donation and transplantation, you have additional responsibility for ensuring your equipment is always in top condition."

Source RTI Biologics Inc.

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